We farm in harmony with nature, nine hectares of vineyards in our mixed agricultural production
The predominantly south - facing slopes are dominated by loess -sandy subsoil.
Our great white and red wines grow especially in small, climate- favourable positions with low precipitation.
A part of the grapes is "thinned" in the summer for achieving the highest level of natural ripening.
Wine philosophy of returning to nature does not use chemicals to control weeds and pests.
Because of weed control and soil desiccation straw mulch is used.
Early instrument control of outbreak of fungal diseases is a logical continuation of this wine philosophy and it allows only the necessary sprays.
Local natural conditions are suitable for growing red varieties, so they were planted on 65% of our vineyards.
Traditional methods of producing red wines use existing potential and create an area characterized by dark, dense red wine with full expression, lovely fruitiness and a long finish for long-term aging in bottle.
Even with our white wines we certainly do not work as with our step- children.
During vinification, we pay particular attention to the typical taste of the variety of fruit, balanced acidity typical of our region, high extract, as well as specific distinctive varieties.
The production of our wines is accomplished very gently.
These wines ripen, depending on the variety and quality, for one and a half years in traditional wooden barrels.
The best of them are partially trained in oak barrels and blended to cuvées with extractive grandiosity.
Natural and organic viticulture, long aging in wooden barrels and conscientious care guarantee high quality and wholesomeness of our wines.
This wines age in our four joint sandstone cellars, situated in the basement preserved Jetzelsdorf wine cellar alley.